Authentic Italian ingredients from Italy, for real Italian taste.


Italian Tomatoes

The juiciest Italian vine tomatoes, grown to perfect ripeness on the sun-drenched plains of southern Italy, give authentic Italian flavour to every dish.
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Cook Italia Passata smooth sieved tomatoes

Italian Smooth Passata

Our rich, smooth Italian Passata is made by sieving perfectly ripe tomatoes perfect for smooth sauces and soups to give your cooking the true taste of Italy!
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Italian Pasta Range

Made in Italy by family companies with 3 generations of passion and experience using Italian 100% Durum Wheat, our Pasta range has a shape and type to suit almost every taste.
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Cook Italia grated Italian hard cheese

And for the final flourish…

The secret is in the traditional way in which it is made – in Italy, of course.
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Recipe Suggestions

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