Authentic Range of Italian Food

All our products are authentically made in Italy, with Italian ingredients. They are passionately crafted by Italian family companies with generations of expertise. With true Italian flavour, choose Cook Italia when you cook Italian!

Italian Tomatoes

Grown on southern Italy’s fertile plains and vine-ripened to perfection under the hot Mediterranean sun, Cook Italian’s tomatoes give the true taste of Italy in a range to suit every recipe.

Italian Pasta

Cook Italian’s pasta is authentically crafted in Italy with Italian-grown durum wheat in a assortment of shapes and types, including wholewheat pasta. Perfect pasta sauces and pasta bakes with the true taste of Italy!

Italian Pasta

Our Italian pasta is made in Italy with Italian durum wheat semolina for the true taste of Italy every time you Cook Italian! Delicious in your favourite recipes, it shines in Pasta Bakes too and comes in various shapes and sizes.

Italian Wholewheat Pasta

All Cook Italian pasta is made from Italian durum wheat semolina, and our wholewheat pasta retains the outer bran and wheat germ of the wheat grains which means it has more natural fibre and protein. As a result, they tend to be more filling, and have a more dense texture and a darker colour. They take the same amount of time to cook as regular pasta, and can be used in any of your favourite recipes.

Discontinued: Bronze Die Pasta & Gluten Free Pasta

We are very sorry to tell you that our delicious Bronze Die Pastas and Gluten Free Pastas are currently not available, as the supermarket which sold them has decided to take them out of their range. They may have some stock left to clear but once it’s gone, that’s it, sadly.

We’ll let you know if we persuade another supermarket to stock this lovely range. Meanwhile, we hope that you continue to enjoy the true taste of Italy with our authentic Italian Tomatoes. Sorry.

Italian Grated Hard Cheese

Using only authentic medium-fat Italian hard cheese, this adds a finishing flourish to a host of Italian dishes. Don’t be fooled by its pack: it’s not the nasty, smelly cheese of the 70s! Ours is authentic and tastes great. Keep it with your salt and pepper pots and remember to sprinkle it over pasta, bakes, soups and meat dishes whenever you … Cook Italian!

Pizza Kit

No authentic Italian range would be credible without offering Pizzas! Our Pizza Kit is crafted from genuinely Italian ingredients: premium’00’ Grade flour; rich Italian tomato topping made from concentrated tomato purée and the Italian classic, oregano. Quick, easy and very satisfying to make, just add a little water and ideally Italian (Cook Italian) Olive Oil and a good knead. Then add any toppings before popping into the oven for a few minutes. Bellissimo!