Our Italian Heritage

We source our ingredients from all over Italy where everything is grown, produced & packed.
We then bring them over to the UK for you to enjoy.


Our full range is made in Italy with Italian ingredients by Italian family companies with generations of experience and expertise.

Members of our families; the familes who make Cook Italia. Spaghetti al fresco… bellissimo!

Our products taste authentically Italian because they are: grown, prepared & packed in Italy to give your cooking the true flavour of Italy.

The brand was launched as Cook Italian in 2010 by LDH (La Doria) Ltd, a UK-based food company with many years of experience. Our pasta and our tomatoes are grown and packed in Italy by the Italian family companies who are the key owners of LDH, and their passion for our products and for Italian food is evident in the quality and authenticity of every product in our range.

In 2016, when we asked shoppers if our packaging reflected our Italian provenance, we found that the new design communicated ‘Italian’ so much better than the current design. We also noticed that many people call us Cook Italia so we checked that too. So now we’re called Cook Italia!

As we say;

for true Italian flavour when you cook Italian …. Cook Italia!





Tomato History

Giovanni Cerrone, La Doria:  “Our tomatoes are grown only in southern Italy’s fertile Mediterranean heartland, as they have been for generations. The quality of our authentic Italian ‘pomodori’ make a real difference, adding true Italian flavour to your cooking.”

‘Pomodori’, of course, is Italian for ‘tomatoes’ – classically Italian and the reason why the family-run La Doria company was founded in 1954 in Angri, in the southern Italian province of Salerno. This area is known as the Agro Nocerino Sarnese, the historical home of Italian tomatoes.

The hot Mediterranean sun provides the perfect conditions for cultivating tomatoes to be harvested at their peak to give the intense sweet ripeness for which Italian tomatoes are justly famous.

As soon as our lusciously sun-ripened tomatoes are picked from the vine, they are rushed to be sorted, washed and peeled. Our specially selected tomatoes are then prepared. They are packed directly into cartons and cans, or are sieved for passata or purée, or blended with authentic ingredients as recipes for our delicious range of pasta sauces.

Angri is located in the Agro Nocerino Sarnese area of the “red gold district”, Italy’s tomato heartland. This area has a long history in cultivating the renowned San Marzano tomatoes, leading to the sustained growth of the agro-industrial district which remains the main centre of production in Italy for tomato products.

Absolute commitment to the quality and tradition of the natural and healthy food typical of the Mediterranean diet remain the fundamental elements of La Doria’s success. This quality ensures that our Italian tomatoes deliver our promise, that your favourite recipes will taste even better with the true taste of Italy.

Pasta History

Although Cook Italia Pasta is not currently available in the UK, when it is, it’s worth stocking up!

Gaetano Di Martino, Pastaficio Di Martino: “We’ve been crafting authentic pasta in our Italian homeland for generations.  Our wide range of delicious pasta is made with traditional ingredients to add true Italian flavour to your cooking”.Bronze Die

Di Martino is a family company and one of the oldest pasta makers in Italy, founded in 1912 in Gragnano. Members of the Di Martino family own and run the factory, and a passion for pasta has always been interwoven with their family history to create a heritage that has now reached the third generation.

Di Martino family members have been producing pasta since 1912 in Gragnano, a small town near Naples in the south of Italy. It is very well known all over the world as the Italian historical centre for the production of durum wheat pasta, with a history that dates back more than 500 years. In fact, the first producers started making pasta in Gragnano in the sixteenth century.

Gragnano’s geography makes it the ideal place to produce and dry pasta: it has excellent climatic conditions which are very stable and mild throughout the year, with abundant sunshine and fresh spring water and its position between the seaside and the mountains provided a natural drying process. Indeed, rows of pasta laid on canes were dried outside in the sun until 1950.

The ability to mix tradition with technology along with the selection of best Italian raw materials is the secret to the high quality of our Italian pasta.

Our Products

Authentic Italian ingredients for real Italian taste.