Italian Grated Hard Cheese

In Italy, many dishes are sprinkled with grated hard cheese as a final flourish before serving. Our Grated Hard Cheese is genuinely Italian and adds that special touch… in an awesome little pack which lives in the cupboard. Why not give it a try? We’re certain you will be very pleasantly surprised!

Italian Concentrated Tomato Purée

The intense tomato richness of our Italian tomato purée comes from cooking ripe, sweet tomatoes to reduce their natural water content. This creates a concentrated tomato paste which adds the rich red colour and deep tomato flavour to so many Mediterranean dishes.

Italian Smooth Passata

Our rich, smooth Italian Passata is made by sieving perfectly ripe tomatoes to leave only the soft, smooth and sweet texture which is so perfect for smooth sauces and soups.

Cook Italia peeled whole plum tomatoes 4 pack

Italian Peeled Plum Tomatoes

Our Italian Plum Tomatoes stay on the vine until they are perfectly sweet. Then they are harvested and sorted, and those which are selected for Cook Italian are steamed and peeled before being packed into the easy-to-open cans we use every day. Ours are available in 4 packs and in single cans, ready to add that unctuous sweetness that can only come from genuinely Italian plum tomatoes.

Cook Italia Chopped Tomatoes 4 pack

Italian Chopped Tomatoes

Our Italian Chopped Tomatoes are picked from the vine at their peak sweetness. After selection, they are steamed, peeled and chopped to the perfect size to suit favourite recipes and packed into cans with a ring pull top so they are ready to use. Ours are available in most stores in both 4 packs and single cans ready to add their genuine Italian taste to your cooking. Deliziosi.